Review: War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

This book was so touching. It is not long, and it is not complex, but right away I was emotionally involved and couldn’t put it down. The author manages to make you love the horse, Joey, instantly, and you spend the whole book hoping for his reunion with Albert. Set during WWI all over Europe it tells the story of a horse sent to join the war and his owner, a soldier, who never stops thinking of his beloved horse. I absolutely loved the fact that it is written from the Joey’s perspective. It could be very sad to read how Joey found himself changing hands and switching sides of the war throughout the story. He understood the people he was with perfectly, but not the politics of the war making what he went through even more tragic. While history tends to remember the politics and the soldiers there were thousands of animals involved in the war, most being horses. You spend the whole book waiting for a happy ending that may not be possible. I recommend his book to anyone. Whether you love horses, are into the history of the First World War, are younger or older this is a book anyone can enjoy.


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