Review: A Long Way From Paradise: Surviving the Rwandan Genocide by Leah Chishugi

I read a lot of memoirs from women in different countries. I wanted to better understand the Rwandan genocide – it is spoken of in the news very little, especially compared to other genocides. Leah’s story is very sad, but for many others it was worse. She tells the history of her country, the politics, and the immediate before and after of the horrible events that took place in Rwanda in 1994. She is an incredible author; not only is she writing her first book to tell of the horror she survived, but she does it so well, really painting the picture of her beautiful country and the political landscape at the same time. She survives but has to leave Rwanda and relies on the kindness of strangers as she moves across Africa and eventually to England. Leah’s story is one that deserves to be told. I recommend this to everyone as it was a horrible moment in recent history that needs to be understood and discussed so that it can never happen again.


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