Review: Big Fish by Daniel Wallace

Part myth, part lie, part truth.

I saw the movie when it came out  in 2003 and then this year discovered it was based on a book! The main premise is the same: William Bloom didn’t know his father very well and now Edward Bloom is dying. But this book is a little different; there are more stories in the book, more of a background on Edward Bloom. The tales of Edwards’s life are funny, cute, impossible, crazy, and completely random. Some of the stories about Edward are very short.  A man touched by luck who saw and did so much and yet remained humble (ish). William thinks his dad is lying and can’t figure out why his father will never let him get close. This book was very different and interesting. You can easily read it in one day, in one sitting. It is, simply put, a story about life and death, father and son but written in a delightful and entertaining way to deal with the complexity that is death and family. I didn’t expect it to be so short but I enjoyed reading it.  It isn’t one of those books that will haunt you, when you finish it – you put it down and move on.


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