Review: Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann


This has just become one of my favourite books. I loved it! I was told I would but I don’t think I expected to like it this much. The book follows three women: Anne, Jennifer, and Neely. They are all in their late teens, early twenties in New York City in the 1940’s when the story begins. Their lives interweave and they become friends, despite being from different backgrounds. Life takes them in different directions but they remain in each other’s lives as they fall in love, marry, have children, grow their careers, and develop relationships with the dolls. Each girl is so different. You will pick a favourite, feel for them, think they’re stupid, get wrapped up in it all and become emotionally invested. And the men! Seriously. These three young women come to New York and they are beautiful, charming, and talented. They all do very well but how they handle it is very different. This story does feel a little typical and this isn’t the most well-written book but you will love it. This is another old book, from 1966 but it could have been written this year.


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