Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


This is another book I couldn’t put down. It was so suspenseful, clever and intriguing. How could Nick possibly get away with Amy’s murder, or how could Amy possibly have pulled off the greatest con? The details are slowly revealed throughout the book and I kept thinking “This changes everything!” I don’t want to give anything away so I will just say – you’ll spend most of the book being surprised, not at all surprised, disgusted, and shocked. Gillian Flynn really had to think of everything in order to pull off a story like this. This book is really quite psycho. I don’t know if what happens in this book could really be done…although this story makes it seem as though maybe it could be pulled off if someone really were that crazy. Nick and Amy really are perfect for each other, whether they want to be or not. Read this book before you watch the movie, if you haven’t already seen it. Flynn does a great job of making some (most) characters truly detestable.  I went from caring to just curious after I realized that whatever happens there wasn’t really a character I was rooting for.


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