Thoughts: What Books To Take On Holiday

I’ve got a few great trips coming up. A local getaway to a resort, a beach holiday, and a road trip! I know I’m lucky but this presents a slight bookish dilemma. I always deliberate about what books to take on holiday. Some books are marketed and recommended based on being ‘beach reads’ or ‘light holiday reads’ but those aren’t always the books I want to read. They tend to be flimsy, fun, humorous, lighthearted books usually with a strong romantic plot. And that isn’t what I always fancy reading, especially when I’m going away.  I find it really tricky because sometimes the book I take sets the tone for the holiday and for how I remember it.

It’s tricky because when I go away it sometimes means I will have a lot of time on my hands. So I sort of figure that means I should bring a big serious book that I have been putting off or have felt too busy to really get into.  But then again… I’m usually on holiday with a friend or my husband and if I bring a serious book I tend to get right into it and ignore those around me. I actually did this once on a road trip with a friend and she was quite annoyed with me.

So do I bring a light read? But then which one? I want to read a really great book when I go away. What I mean is that if I read a book that turns out to not be that great I usually don’t mind, but if it happens while I’m on vacation then I get pretty upset – I wasted precious time with great people in a cool place to read a crap book…

And then there is the case of luggage and weight limits, and I always pack way more book than I will actually read. I went away for a week to Hawaii and brought 6 books. I read one. And then really struggled to get my little souvenirs home (I also buy a lot of mugs. My house is filled with books and mugs).

I find it really difficult to know ahead of time what I am going to want to read while I am away, or if I am going to want to read, or if those who I am with are going to give me time to read.

What about you? Do you know ahead of time what you will want to read? Does it depend on the type of holiday you have or who you are going away with? Do you have a genre or author that you always bring with you when you go away?







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