Review: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

So I read this book because the movie looked really cute and the theme of the story seemed pretty deep, but also realistic of how teenagers might handle it, and everyone seemed to love the book. Isn’t that the ideal way to stumble upon a book that turns out to be really great? But I didn’t like the book. I can’t say I hated the book or that it was horrible, it just wasn’t for me. The language didn’t seem geared to anyone over the age of sixteen and the characters lacked anything endearing. Maybe it just gained popularity because of people chasing the love they had for The Fault in Our Stars…? I don’t really know. But it fell flat. I also really disliked the breaking of the 4th wall (or whatever it’s called in literature) where the main character starts off by saying he’s writing a book, and then references that you’re reading it the whole way through while making comments about how horrible the book is, and how he hates himself and what he’s writing…it kind of ruined the whole mood for me, in addition to the lame responses the main character gave to most of the people he spoke to. And then Earl..the token black friend who had to have been written by someone who has never met a black person but only watches them on horribly stereotyped movies…

I think I might be one of the few who did not love this book but the lame main character, who was written to annoy, I’m sure, and the depiction of the black friend were just a bit too much.


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