Review: About A Boy by Nick Hornby

Ok so I think I’m a bit late to the game with this one. It came out almost 20 years ago and the movie starred a young Nicholas Hoult… But I was in Germany this week and in Dusseldorf they have these glass cases in the city that hold books for people to take. Its a give/take bookshelf for anyone to use and there are quite a few of them. My husband and I were poking around just checking out the books and we found that they were all in German. It wasn’t so surprising – I’d been wandering into all the bookshops we came across and almost all the books in every shop were in German – but then I found About A Boy. I liked the movie so I figured I would give it a read. I’d already read both the books I had brought for my week away. And I have to say that I really liked it, even though I knew the story, and even though the movie didn’t deviate too far from the book. Maybe that’s why I liked it, the story was so good that when they turned it into a movie they didn’t want to make too many changes and didn’t have to leave very much of the story out. I feel like that is incredibly rare. I was able to sympathize with Marcus and kind of understand why Will was the way he was. Now that I’ve read the book I can say that I think they did an incredible job casting for the movie – all those actors and actresses were perfect for their parts. I read this book in about three hours, it just flowed really well and was written in a way that you can just fly through it. I liked the humour in the story and the way that it dealt with issues like depression, suicide, and insecurities. It was a book about a few people and some tough circumstances but it didn’t feel like a book written about issues. I’m not sure I will ever reread this book but I would definitely recommend it to friends.


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