Thoughts: Book Covers – Buy, Ditch, Collect

I have always been a bit mesmerized by book covers. Or appalled. And I will judge a book by its cover. I wonder why books get different covers based on their countries. Is it because different cultures value different things in covers, is it because they come out at different times giving the people behind the books more time to work on different covers, is it because they hope people will buy more than one copy based on collecting pretty covers? Doesn’t really matter…just something I wonder. I have bought books and then regretted buying a certain copy so soon when I saw a prettier version later on. I love seeing my books on my shelves and I love being able to pull them out and look at them all. But the thing is, I would never get rid of one of my books simply because I found a better looking copy. I also wouldn’t get rid of any books in any series because the ones that came out later didn’t match. It never really crossed my mind.

But I’ve been watching lots of Booktube lately (the joys of being unemployed in a new country that I don’t have many friends in) and I see so many girls who throw away books because the covers are “ugly” and they don’t want them anymore, or because books in a series come out and don’t match the size or look of the earlier books. It’s so much money to casually waste because the book doesn’t look quite right! I’m not really judging – I just don’t understand it so I’m a bit fascinated and have been asking myself lately if I can relate at all to some of the thoughts and feelings I’ve observed on the many channels I now subscribe to.

The one thing I can relate to is collecting the same book in multiple covers. I don’t think I have more than one copy of many books. Just the Harry Potter books and the Chronicles of Narnia. Mostly because I couldn’t move them with me, although I could have waited until I move back home to reread them. But I wanted different versions just as much as I wanted to reread them. But I made sure I got great deals on both of them. I love my bookshelves, and of course I want them to be beautiful and it would be nice if all my books were the same height and in the same pristine condition. But they aren’t. And I accept that – I buy some second hand and when buying new I tend to buy the cheapest print. Even now that I have a bit of money I can’t get out of the starving university student in the crap apartment mentality.


What about you? Will you ditch a book if a prettier version comes along? Will you spend more for a version that matches your series or would look better on the shelf? Do you collect multiple copies of your favourite book? Do you only want hardbacks in your collection?


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