Review: Looking for Alaska by John Green


I like John Green, Iv’e read a bit about him, know about his involvement with Esther Earl and have watched his YouTube videos about history called Crash Course. He seems like such a great guy and he’s not a major celebrity so I feel like his acts of generosity and kindness are authentic. I also like his writing style. I flew through this book in only a few hours. That being said, Looking for Alaska kind of fell flat. I liked the setting, a boarding school in Alabama, and I liked that the group of friends were both genders, there was a Japanese-American friend and a Romanian friend , and they came from different socio-economic backgrounds. My favourite character was the Colonel. I never really got that into, or understood Alaska and what she was all about, but I believed that someone like the main character, Miles, could be fascinated and in love with her. They seemed like fairly normal teens. And then the big event happens. And the book turns into a bit of a mystery novel. But there aren’t many clues, and I feel like there were a lot of unanswered questions. To be honest, I didn’t really care to find out what really happened. The story didn’t seem that interesting or special after that. I feel like some things about the book were a bit overdone and I really wasn’t a fan of how much those kids smoked cigarettes. I know Alaska says this like about how they smoke for fun but she smokes to die and that helps round out her IDGAF image, but come on, a YA novel in this day and age where all the kids are chain smokers…it just didn’t feel right. I think some people may feel that me not loving this book makes me heartless, but I just think that I have to really feel FOR characters in order to feel anything ABOUT them later. I liked the book for a light YA read, and I can’t say it was horrible, just that it wasn’t great and I’m glad I borrowed it from the library because I won’t be reading it again or passing it along to any friends. I will however, try a fried burrito first chance I get.


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