When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman


I picked this up having no idea what to expect and I’m really glad I read it.  This is a story of innocence lost, lessons learned, random relationships formed, and so much love. It follows one family all over England and New York over many years with the main character being Elly, a young girl at the beginning of the book, with her brother and parents. Throughout the book the four characters are joined by many people they accept into their lives. Some parts are funny, some parts are incredibly sad but always touching. The characters are all unique – weird really. It follows an unusual plot where everything doesn’t come together or tie up neatly, you don’t look back at everything that happens and go “oh that makes sense,” or “well that had to happen in order for this to happen.” It’s a bit like life where things happen sometimes without reason. I got emotionally invested in this family – at times feeling their joy and other times feeling their despair. I would recommend this book to everyone.


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