Review: How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran

I read this because I believe there need to be more books like this. More books written by women, for women, about being a woman. This book picks apart the absurdity that is western culture and the demands put on women and the demands we women put on ourselves. Caitlin Moran is unashamed, seems to be brutally honest, and holds nothing back. While a lot of the text is riddled with British culture references and slang that I think many people outside the UK may not understand…(I know I’m not British but I married a Brit and currently live here). Parts of this book, and some of her stories, were a bit cringey and I didn’t enjoy all of it – but you don’t have to like every bit of a book to think it’s pretty good right? I had to keep reminding myself that some of her points were purely her own opinion because some of what she wrote seemed to come out of nowhere and have very little to back it up. I also found at times that I thought she just wrote something to be funny; that it probably didn’t happen, and if it felt awkward then it was just a joke that didn’t work on me. Some of what she wrote felt a bit like a rant, some of it felt like it contradicted things she said earlier, and some of it really felt like a slightly ignorant point of view – someone who didn’t want to take the time to consider other arguments or preferences.

I don’t really understand why this book was so well-received.I didn’t agree with everything she wrote, and I didn’t enjoy reading everything she wrote, but I’m happy she was able to write it, get it published, and get people thinking about women and what it means to be a woman. I would recommend it to people who would read it light-heartedly, know that it doesn’t speak for all feminists, and would find it their kind of humour. Give it a try if it sounds like something you might like.


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