Review: The Girl Who Saved The King Of Sweden by Jonas Joanasson


I loved The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared. I found it so clever and funny and had fun reading it so when I learned there was another book that had a similar style – a main character, over a long period of time, who is involved in serious, world-changing or danger-averting, events with historically real plot points and key figures…. I was excited! But this book didn’t stand up to the first one! Have I said that before about other books written by authors I thought I loved? Maybe it’s me! It could be. But this blog is all about my opinion. My opinion is that this book was a bit of a let down. I put it down for about a week and then made myself finish it. I’m glad I did because it wasn’t awful. It just wasn’t wonderful.

I didn’t care about the characters, I didn’t want to see them make it and overcome obstacles and I didn’t even really wonder about how the book was going to end. With the100yearoldman I kept thinking ‘how is this going to resolve?’ and ‘what can they possibly do to get out of these shenanigans unharmed?!’ but with this book I just passively went along for the ride and saw it through. Wooooo…

Maybe if I hadn’t read the100yearoldman then I wouldn’t have compared it and felt disappointed.  I still think Jonasson is clever and witty but I may be hesitant to pick up another of his books.


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