Review: The One and Only by Emily Giffin

I wanted to like this book. I have read all of her books now. Mostly because I really liked Something Borrowed and Something Blue. The books she’s written since then have fallen kinda flat for me. Especially this last one. The premise is that after Shea’s best friends mom dies she falls for her best friends dad. Ok. I can deal with that. That could be a great story. Fine. But the details that followed made it really gross and annoying. First of all he’s a football coach for a Texas University team. And Shea is obsessed with football. I like that a female character is really into football. But calm down a bit with all the references. The fact that she lives and dreams and breathes and eats football is a bit over the top. She has nothing else to her personality except for liking football. And because of that her and the coach are meant to be. Despite him being old enough to be her dad and the fact that he’s the father of her best friend. But it really doesn’t stop there. Her own father wasn’t there for her, literally and figuratively, while she grew up, so the coach pretty much was her dad. She not only grew up at their house as the daughters best friend but she was like a second daughter to the coach and his wife. He helped raise her. So that made it kinda gross.  It felt incestuous and that upset me. Did the editors not catch on and let Giffin know how the book was coming across? Was it just me? I honestly just expected better. I don’t usually go into that much detail about a plot but it was the plot I had so much trouble with. It wasn’t the writing, or that the characters were annoying and predictable (they were though), it was really the plot. It was that the reader was meant to feel like it was romantic and meant to be but it was just creepy and odd.


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