Review: The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

I loved this book, I could hardly put it down and read it so much faster than the last few books I’d read. The story is set in 1868 in Amsterdam. An 18 year old girl moves from the country to the city to live with her new husband. He’s wealthy and lives with his sister and 2 servants and Nella moves in to start a new life. The history, and setting, and interesting characters are what really drew me in to the story – and then things started happening. I didn’t find this book predictable and I was surprised a few times with the direction the story went. I kept thinking I knew what would happen next, who the mystery woman was, and what was going to happen to a few of the characters and I was wrong every time. I liked that. I like being wrong in my predictions when the book is written well and the plot has been carefully constructed. It was one of those books where something happens and you go back a few chapters and realize you missed a lot of clues.

I can’t believe this is her first novel, her writing in incredible, she can really set a scene without over-explaining and piling on adjectives. I would love her to write a thriller!

I didn’t like the ending as much though, and I have to say it. It just ended.. All of this drama and intrigue and suspense…and then things climax and its over. The only thing I dislike more than not getting to vent my frustration is my dislike of spoilers. But don’t let that keep you from reading the book! Maybe there will be a sequel to tell us all what happened next.


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