Review: I am Nujood, Age 10 and divorced by Nujood Ali and Delphine Minoui


This book is very depressing. It is the story of a young girl who is denied an education, married off at an incredibly young age,  and is raped and beaten by her husband. Nujood’s story is not unique, especially in Yemen, What makes her story unique is that she fights and is granted a divorce. This book tells her story, starting from when she is very young. It tells how she came to be married to her husband, how he and his family treated her, and how she ran away and found someone willing to help her. My only problem with this book is that it claims to be written in her own words with the help of Delphine Minoui..but Nujood is only ten and illiterate. It seems as though she was greatly helped by Minoui – to the point where I was wondering if Nujood really ever said the things that I was reading. I would have appreciated more reflection by Nujood in her own words.  However, stories like this are so important to tell. There are so many heartbreaking issues revealed in Nujoods story that highlight how awful it is in Yemen to be a woman, how helpless many women are because of the severe poverty they face and the laws in the country that hold them down and give men absolute power of their lives. I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed this book, but I feel as though I learned so much.


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