Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Oh wowwww I loved this book. I randomly came across it and thought it sounded interesting. And I’m trying to read more books where the main characters are people of colour. This book is about a Chinese-American family, the father is American-born to Chinese immigrant parents, and the mother is a white American. They have three children and right at the very beginning we learn that the middle child, a daughter, has died. She was found in the lake. We don’t yet know how she got there or anything about her last night alive. The book follows the mother, father, older brother, and younger sister. It is heartbreaking. Ng makes you see, understand, and feel for the perspective of each family member. It’s the 1970s in a small town and the setting seems perfectly appropriate for the story. The writing was so graceful, so soft but every sentence was to the point. I really didn’t see what was coming – this story is incredibly unique and I think it’s one that many people should read. We see the negative effects of subtle racism, neglect, pressure, and what a lack of support from loved ones can do. I would recommend this book to anyone – I think anyone would enjoy it, and everyone could be impacted by the story in one way or another.


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