My name is Bond and I am a Communications student in Vancouver. When at home I am often found eating on the couch reading a book. I knit in the winter and read about one book per week, with a hundred sitting on the shelves waiting to be read. I am not what you would call “exciting” but I am always busy. I have a million opinions and thought some of you might appreciate a few of them….in regards to the books I read.

I am not an English major or a Literature student so I don’t always know if a book is “well-written” and I don’t dissect style. I also don’t believe in recapping the whole plot…I really don’t like when people start reviewing a book by going over a detailed explanation of the plot – either you’ve read it so you know, or you haven’t and don’t want to know everything that will happen yet.

My reviews tend to just reflect how I felt about the books, what I liked, what I didn’t like, whether or not I was surprised, or bored and if I would recommend reading it.



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